Jewish Studies Minor

Jewish history stretches back over three-thousand years and spans the globe. Students who minor in Jewish studies will explore Jewish societies and cultures in their profound variety. Not only will students learn the fundamentals of the Jewish religion and Jewish thought, but they will also use these to reflect upon the broader world in which Jews have lived. The study of Jewish experience through history can be a key to deeper insights into world history. Our program offers a focus on the history and meaning of the Holocaust, the study of which helps students to think critically about the modern world and their responsibilities to it. The Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies organizes a robust selection of extra-curricular activities, often in partnership with the student-led Club for Jewish Culture. These supplement classroom instruction and offer opportunities for active participation and student leadership. Study Abroad trips to various locations around the world may be taken for credit, based upon availability. Hebrew language may also be taken for minor credit.

Study-abroad trips may be counted toward the minor with the approval of the director of the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies. Students may petition the director to have additional courses counted towards the minor.

Total semester hours (S.H.): 18 until Fall 2022 / 15 after Fall 2021 (pending approval of changes).

We are currently updating the minor requirements. Student who began working towards a minor in Jewish studies before Fall 2021 may complete their minor based upon the current model. Pending approval, students who begin their minor in Fall 2021 will use the updated requirements below.

If you are interested in learning more about the Jewish Studies Minor, contact Dr. Jacob Labendz.

Current Minor Structure (until Fall 2021)

Required Courses (12 S.H.)
HIST 1512World Civilization from 15003
REL 2601Intro to World Religions3
HIST 3789Jewish History3
HIST 3799Lessons of the Holocaust from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum 3
Select Two Electives (6 S.H.)
HIST 3798Middle East II: The Modern Period3
HIST 3788The Holocaust3
REL 3731Hebrew Scriptures3
HBRW 2605Advanced Intermediate Hebrew 4

Updated Minor Requirements (Fall 2021; pending approval)

 Required Courses (9 S.H.)
HIST 2600Introduction to Jewish Studies3
HIST 3788The Holocaust3
HIST 3789Jewish History3
 Select Three Electives (6 S.H.)
HIST 3798Middle East II: The Modern Period3
HIST 3799Lessons of the Holocaust from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum3
HBRW 2600Intermediate Hebrew (Requires HBRW 1550)4
JUDC 4851Jewish Studies Internship3
JUDC/HIST 4861Special Topics in Jewish History/Studies3
JUDC 4871Directed Readings in Jewish Studies3
POL 3765Israeli Politics3
REL 2611Judaism, Christianity, and Islam3
REL 3731Hebrew Scriptures3
REL 3750Religion and Race3